Forest Chong: Introducing the weekly movie contest! Winner will get to win a pair of movie vouchers. How we consider the winner: The person who tops the weekly ranking list below will be the winner! -> [link][/link] How to: Be active! Keep posting! Make new friends! The catch: The same person who won previous contest have to wait for 8 weeks before he/she is eligible for the next weekly contest. Top few people having the same number public posts will have the first user on top of the list being the winner! (Don't ask us why. This is how it works. Unless you can figure out a way to get on top of the list while having the same number of public posts as those after you.) We reserve the rights to alter the terms and conditions of contest to make it more interesting from time to time. Note: Those outside Singapore will be arranged for a different payment method, having the equivalent value. Cheaters and spammers will be permanently removed from the contest. Do like and share it with your circle. Don't forget to share it with your friends on facebook, twitter, tumblr... too. Good luck and have fun! If you are winners of previous contests, feel free to post your testimony and your thanks to movie vouchers you have won below.