ShamSuiisses added a new photo: So, a hundred days have passed and what are my thoughts from participating in this #100happydays ? Well, it might seem like I have been happy for the past 100 days. But the truth is that there were lots of downs in those days for atleast 50% of them. But it didn't stop me from finding that minor source of happiness from maybe the simplest of things. Though I was determined, just having to try to find that something which pleases me, without assurance that it would make my day, was really difficult. Everyday was a constant nagging to myself in the mind, asking "Don't I wanna be happy?!" I was really annoyed. But after a while, it changes me. It makes me see things in a different perspective. Shit happens all the time and I took each shit with me and told myself that "This is happening for a reason. This will change me and make me a better person." For a pessimist, I became pretty optimistic. Towards the end, I tend to smile more often and appreciate the simplest things. I still do think pessimistically but there's more optimistic side appearing out of me than before. I know cause my friends do notice it too. There's once where my friend just went "Since when you became so optimistic?! Are being sarcastic?! Please stop being rude." Hahahaa. That then made me realise that the #100happydays is benefiting me and I should atleast try finish it. So now that its done, I'm actually glad I did it. #Day100 #100happydays