Paras: Hi ..can anyone help me with linear programming questions. Adam is making a special perfume, called Dream, for his wife Helen, from two different existing products Spellbound and Bewitched. The composition of Spellbound and Bewitched are given as follows. Amount (ml) in /100 ml of Spellbound and Bewitched Deer Musk Grapefruit Mercaptan Raspberry Ketone Cost ($/ml) Spellbound 3 7 3 10 Bewitched 10 2 6 8 Helen uses at least 40ml of perfume a year, and requires that there must be at least 3ml Grapefruit Mercaptan and at least 4 ml of Raspberry Ketone in per 100ml of Dream Perfume respectively, but no more than 7.5 ml of Deer Musk in per 100 ml of Dream. Formulate a Linear Programming (LP) model for Adam that minimizes the total cost of producing Dream, while satisfying all constraints. Use the graphical method to find the optimal solution. Show the feasible region and the optimal solution on the well-annotated graph. What is the minimal cost?